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BBVA, a Group concerned with maximizing the positive impacts and minimizing the negative effects of its activity on society

One of the main commitments of the BBVA corporate responsibility policy is to maximize the positive impacts of its business on society and minimize any possible negative effects.

The main positive impacts of BBVA’s financial business on society are:

  • Contribution to the development of the communities where the Bank operates through funding and support for the productive fabric and financial inclusion.
  • Improvement of the social well-being of the people who receive loans for buying a home or durable consumer goods.
  • Generation of wealth for stakeholders, such as that resulting from the payment of dividends to shareholders, payments made to suppliers, wages earned by employees, taxes accrued and paid, etc.
  • Job creation, both directly through hirings in the Group and by initiatives that support employment generation. One example is the launch of the “Yo Soy Empleo” (I am employment) program.
  • Contribution to society through social programs with direct investment that benefit various groups, focused on education.

At the same time, BBVA strives to minimize the social costs related to the environment and the negative effects originated, among others aspects, by default and the loss of homes, with refinancing or aid for families.

To measure the Group’s impact on society, a number of key indicators that give an idea of BBVA’s social impact have been developed

To measure BBVA’s impact on society, a number of simple and easy to understand indicators related to traditional financial activity have been designed, including the following ones:

Key social impact indicators
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2013 2012 2011
Number of people who live in BBVA-financed houses 4,939,731 4,742,622 4,744,654
Number of SMEs supported or funded by BBVA (1) 348,445 321,918 300,759
Number of micro-enterprises and self-employed people supported or financed by BBVA 1,117,412 999,107 993,489
Number of people who find a job through the “Yo Soy Empleo” program (2) 3,472 n.m. n.m.
Global tax contribution (million euros) (3) 9,848 9,408 8,012
(1) Number of active customers in the BBVA SME segment. The criteria for allocating companies in the Group’s customer segmentation were changed in 2013. The data for 2012 and 2011 have been recalculated based on these criteria. (2) People hired by a company which has been granted the financial support and/or the Infoempleo recruitment service. (3) Includes payments for corporate tax, own VAT and third party VAT, local taxes and fees, income tax withholdings and other third party taxes, employer and employee Social Security payments and those in 2013 for tax litigation.

BBVA began referring to the social impact of its business activity in 2012, with one goal and one challenge: to be increasingly transparent on relevant subjects and make progress in winning back the trust lost in the financial sector.