BBVA in 2013

Main highlights

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Worth highlighting as regards segment management is the launch of “Plan Uno”, one of the Group’s best practices in Spain for managing customers in the mass-affluent segment. It aims to promote cross-selling through transactional banking and digitalization. This management model has been successfully exported to Mexico, and work is underway to apply it to other geographical areas like Turkey, tailored to the specific local conditions.

Standard metrics have been defined and implemented in the Customer Experience discipline in order to ascertain the customer satisfaction levels and design quality plans. This will enable the Bank to become the leader in satisfaction in every segment, product and priority channels (for further information on this discipline, refer to the chapter “Customers” in the Executive Summary).

As for the global business lines, in 2013 work has been carried out in Insurance to ensure proper integration between the insurance company and the banking network, with a view to optimizing commercial effectiveness in the sale of insurance. Agreements are also being concluded with insurance companies to consolidate a leading global bancassurance franchise.

The Consumer Finance global unit has transformed its strategic and organizational model in every local unit into a so-called dealer-centric model which is global, standardized and specialized in opinion-forming channels. In 2013, this business model was implemented in seven geographical areas. The global experience of this business line revolves around the use of the common term “Consumer Finance”, global marketing campaigns for customers, promotion of BBVA sponsorships, commercial agreements with various partners (17 new alliances concluded in 2013 with carmakers) and the quest for excellence in customer service, measured through the NPS indicators for dealers and retail customers in all the countries.

The Asset Management unit is one of the leading fund managers in both Spain and Latin America. It is worth highlighting that in 2013, 81% of its funds performed better than the benchmark.

The Payment Channels global unit seeks to develop a highly profitable business by integrating the issue and acquisition business, boosting innovation at the point of sale and developing value-added services (solutions for retailers and end customers). Along these lines, “BBVA Wallet” was launched in Spain at the end of 2013. This innovative application enables customers to perform transactions and make payments from their phones and shop online, securely and conveniently.

Lastly, with the aim of boosting omni-channel in 2013, new online banking websites were launched in 2013 in Spain, Mexico and the United States, offering a superior customer experience, new contextual navigation and value-added functions and services. A qualitative leap forward has also been made in mobile banking apps in terms of functionality, design and ease of use, with the launch of solutions for the main mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets.