BBVA in 2013

Corporate responsibility

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In corporate responsibility BBVA continues to strengthen its commitment to the societies where it is present through a variety of initiatives. The Bank is aware of the need for programs that boost the creation of employment in Spain, and has launched the “Yo Soy Empleo” (I Am Employment) plan to support the creation of jobs by SMEs and the self-employed.

It is a pioneering initiative in which BBVA has wanted to move beyond a simple direct financial incentive for hiring. Instead, it also offers a free job placement service provided by “infoempleo” to help the recruitment process, as well as free training, for those requesting it, through a program for companies at different prestigious business schools.

These are the results as of December 31, 2013:

  • 3,658 companies have benefited from the program.
  • 3,397 people hired with financial assistance. 73.6% of hirings on permanent contracts. On average, those hired had been unemployed for 13.21 months and 38% were under the age of 30.
  • 2,544,750 euros paid as financial assistance for hiring.
  • 39,477 people registered in the job bank, with 2,124 vacancies published and 158 selection consulting processes carried out.
  • 1,414 people received training in person at the best business schools in Spain, with a very high level of student satisfaction (3.73 on a scale of 1 to 4).

In response to the economic crisis, which has led many people to lose their only home, BBVA has contributed 900 homes to the Social Housing Fund. At the same time, BBVA has implemented a plan together with the Adecco Foundation whose core element is employment. It offers financial assistance to people who lose their only home, after January 2013, as a result of a legal mortgage foreclosure initiated by BBVA.

The following is also of note:

  • The fourth edition of “Valores de Futuro” (Future Values) program, aimed at promoting values related to the use of money in Spanish schools.
  • The second edition of “Territorios Solidarios” (Solidarity Territories) program, through which BBVA employees in Spain are offered the chance to participate actively in the selection and granting of aid to social projects carried out by non-profit organizations.
  • The fifth edition of the “Premio Integra BBVA” award, which recognizes the effort of organizations that work to integrate people with disabilities into the labor market.