BBVA in 2013

Management priorities

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BBVA in Mexico engages in banking activity through BBVA Bancomer S.A., a universal bank that offers specialized and personalized service for its customers, who are at the core of its customer-centric business

BBVA Bancomer is the leader in the main lines of banking business. It is present across the whole country and is in the leading position in most of the states of the Mexican Republic.

BBVA Bancomer’s business model is based on offering banking products and services to retail and wholesale customers through networks specialized in each segment. Its priority is to improve the quality of the service offered to its customers through a strategy levered on technology, innovation and multi-channel distribution. It also has a philosophy of prudent risk control and maintains a long-term goal of growth and profitability.

In 2013 BBVA Bancomer implemented an important Transformation Plan that covers a range of subjects:

  • Modification of the organizational structure, with the creation of two main areas: the first is Commercial Development and Payment Channels and Transformation; the second, Quality and Corporate Development.
  • Changes in the networks’ geographical distribution, ensuring territories and divisions are uniform in the Commercial Network, Wealth Management Network and Corporate & Government Network.
  • Transformation of the business model with the “Experiencia Única” (Unique Experience) project, which modifies branch management and customer service. It also includes the transformation of customer-facing processes in order to increase efficiency. The aim is to standardize the front-office protocols to improve the experience and quality of the service. It also seeks to avoid saturation in branches by boosting the multi-channel model and improving operational processes within the branch to reduce the time elapsed in concluding contracts for products and services. The Unique Experience was implemented in 1,300 branches in 2013, amounting to 70% of the Commercial Network and 100% of the branches of the Wealth Management and Corporate & Government Networks.

Other management priorities in 2013 have been as follows:

  • Execution of the Investment Plan, aimed at remodeling the branch network, the launch of investment projects in technology and the construction of the new corporate headquarters, as well as the implementation of other strategies to boost commercial activity.
  • Maintenance of a high rate of business profitability, despite moderate economic growth and reduced interest rates, through appropriate risk management.
  • Boost to commercial activity through modification of the strategy in marketing campaigns and commercial management in branches, with the chief aim of increasing the profitability of credit portfolios and customer deposits.
  • Maintenance of the bank’s leading position without compromising business profitability.

Management priorities in 2014 will focus on:

  • Continuing to improve customer service.
  • Increasing the use of digital channels to streamline the service offered in branches and increase the profitability of the customer base.
  • Continuing to boost commercial activity, but without neglecting quality. The commercial and management initiatives already implemented in 2013 will remain in place, and new projects will be launched with the aim of increasing commercial activity and improving processes and service quality.
  • Maintaining high levels of recurring earnings with appropriate cost control.