BBVA in 2013

Principles and values in BBVA

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At BBVA, we do business responsibly, guided by principles of integrity, prudence and transparency

BBVA has a differential way of banking based on a strategy of principles adjusted return, that is: integrity, prudence and transparency.

  • Integrity, as an expression of ethics in the Group’s activity and in its relations with stakeholders.
  • Prudence, understood basically as the principle of caution in risk-taking.
  • Transparency, as a rule that offers access to clear and truthful information within the bounds of the law.

In conclusion, BBVA operates with the utmost integrity, long-term vision and best practices. This is our way of doing responsible business.

The vision of the BBVA Group, “we work for a better future for people“ is our why it is based on three pillars: people, principles and innovation.

The vision forms the basis for our mission as a bank: “we provide the best financial products and services.“ And doing so simply and responsibly is our positioning.

Simplicity for BBVA means ease, proximity, accessibility and clarity. We understand responsibility as a long-term process, a balanced relationship with customers and a commitment to control our impact on local people, companies and communities and to the development of the countries in which we operate.