BBVA in 2013

Government & Corporate Banking

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Government & Corporate Banking serves its customers through 86 branches for companies, 36 branches for the public sector and 14 branches for real-estate developers. At the close of the year the unit managed a loan book of €11,805m and €15,387m in customer funds.

This business unit focuses on medium-size and large companies, with an annual volume of sales of between 100 and 250 million pesos, including public-sector customers, real-estate developers and the automotive sector, both automobile retailers and private individuals. It also includes the financial leasing business.

Specific actions have been taken within the corporate segment in 2013 to boost lending. There has been an increase in promotion campaigns and a fall in the response time for loan applications. This is reflected in the strength of lending to this segment, which has grown at double-digit rates and above the market average.

The government portfolio has increased its rate of growth, particularly at the close of the year, strongly underpinned by greater investment and the rise in public spending starting in the second half of 2013.

The most notable aspect of the developer segment has been the proactive management of risks since 2010. The strategy for serving and financing this group has also been redesigned, with specific admission controls established in order to preserve the quality of the portfolio.

The steady growth of the financial leasing segment has continued, and its range is being improved with products that include car leasing, as well as specialized leasing for equipment and fleets.