BBVA in 2013

Management priorities

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Retail Banking has the aim to make BBVA the leading Bank in customer satisfaction. As a result, the customer segmentation criteria have been standardized in the Group and the benchmark business models for serving each segment have been defined. These models are based on three levers: value proposition, key processes and the platform.

Retail Banking. A segment business model

In addition, the area is globally working in the following disciplines: Business Models, responsible for aligning corporate governance with the customer-centric model; Customer Experience, listening to customers in order to become the most highly rated Bank in this area; Business Intelligence, increasing commercial effectiveness; and Marketing, as the strategic driver of the business.

In the aforementioned segments and disciplines, teams from all the areas and countries are connected via networks that guarantee the flow of knowledge and best practices between all the geographical areas.

In addition, as the unit responsible for managing the aforementioned global business lines (Insurance, Consumer Finance, Asset Management and Payment Channels) and designing their strategy and business model, Retail Banking shares the income statement management with the local teams. These businesses offer a growth opportunity for BBVA. Because of their high specialization and potential synergies in terms of products, processes, risks, human resources and technology, this global vision provides value to the local units for capturing this potential growth.

Develop specialized business lines with high growth potential