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Simplicity as a differential way of being customer-centric

In the Group, the BBVA brand is identified with the promise made to the stakeholders and the experiences they share with BBVA.

The BBVA brand is moving into a space of sustainable differentiation that is not occupied by its competitors. It guides the experiences and communication with the stakeholders at all points of contact. This space is the brand’s corporate positioning and consists of four values: customer- centric aproach, simplicity, reliability and globality.

Simplicity is the differential way we have of being customer-centric. We have constructed this positioning by listening to our customers and meeting their demands. We want our customers to think and feel that BBVA favors them by making their lives simpler. To achieve this, we communicate and act with simplicity.

In 2011 progress has been made in implementing this positioning and the new corporate identity

1. Implementation of the positioning through a new model of communication: We have moved from a model of product-based communication to one that gives the brand the leading role. It communicates a unique and global simplicity positioning for all areas and business units and for our target audience. The worldwide result is:

  • A unique BBVA positioning.
  • A single message, adaptable to each area and/or business unit (“global-local” approach).
  • A single advertising culture throughout the Group.
  • With this new positioning, products become instruments for communicating brand values.

2. The new corporate identity aims for:

  • A simple and differential style of communication, in line with the brand positioning.
  • The use of clear and transparent language.
  • A single visual image identifying the brand quickly in all its applications and distribution channels.

In 2010 and 2011 this new corporate identity has been implemented across all online and offline advertising communication. It is also being incorporated into all the payment channels, corporate materials, branches, and corporate buildings.

BBVA boosts its Internet communication strategy to strengthen brand positioning, among other objectives

Innovative brand positioning advertising campaigns include the launch of a humorous web series that aims for a mass impact on the business segment in Spain through new contents, while optimizing resources. BBVA is also increasing its presence in the social networks to attract more customers, offer them a better service, and thus strengthen brand positioning.

Work continues on a number of initiatives within the framework of sponsorship in Spain of the Professional Football League (through “Liga BBVA” and “Liga Adelante”) and NBA basketball (including the Female League and NBA Development League in the United States, Spain and Puerto Rico). These initiatives include the new “Experience blue NBA” (consisting of a prize draw in which a blue customer can win a trip to the United States and a ticket for a live official NBA game), and the iPad application for Liga BBVA, which was recognized as the best application of 2010 in Spain in March 2011, for the way in which information and leisure are integrated together with the brand image. Finally, in recognition of its commitment to the BBVA Compass Bowl and NBA, BBVA Compass has been named Grand Sports Marketer of the Year.

Brand management in 2011 was once more very highly valued by experts

According to Sustainable Asset Management (SAM), BBVA maintained its global brand score in 2011, well above the average in its sector for yet another year.

One of the aspects that has again been most highly valued by experts is the system of standardized measurement tools to monitor how the brand is perceived in the main countries in which the Group operates. In fact, the perception of the BBVA brand has stabilized or improved in most countries in terms of reputation, and continues to be considered a solid brand in every market in which the Bank is present. Notoriety has increased or remained stable in all countries. In Spain, BBVA continues to be the most notorious brand within its sector. It is also worth noting that BBVA Compass was named “Brand of the Year” in the retail banking segment, ahead of all its competitors in terms of brand value.

Simplicity in communication
BBVA brand management score


Source: SAM.
BBVA brand awareness


Spain Mexico Argentina Chile Peru Colombia Venezuela The United States

2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010 2011 2010
Awareness 64.6 68.3 88.8 86.0 78.9 71.0 16* 21.0 77.0 77.0 28.2 31.0 64.9 66.0 15.9 17.2
Awareness (rank) 1st 1st 1st 1st 3rd 3rd 5th 5th 2nd 2nd 5th 4th 2nd 3rd 8th 8th
Reputation with customers 74.5 72.2 70.7 66.9 75.7 72.5 71.0 70.9 73.8 74.5 69.1 66.1 71.9 73.7 71.5 73.2
Notes: The data for awareness in 2011 are for the whole year except for Venezuela, where they run through to June, and Chile, with data to September. The reputation data in 2011 are, for all countries, from February to December. A variation between two years is only statiscally significant when it is greater than or equal to 2,1. *Insufficient sample Awareness data source: Advance Tracking Programme, MillwardBrown. Reputation data source: RepTrak, Reputation Institute.