Management priorities

In 2011, the area has focused on:

  • Adequately managing prices, with an impact on net interest income.
  • Attracting low cost funds and boosting consumer finance.
  • Developing and closely monitoring the expansion project launched in 2010, which has involved a major investment effort in innovation, technology and infrastructure.
  • Making progress in the customer segmentation process to achieve a global vision of customers, who are at the core of business growth.
  • Strictly monitoring risk.

Management priorities in 2012 will focus on:

  • Boosting lending growth and fund gathering in the more profitable segments.
  • Making net fee income more dynamic through increased commercial activity and transaction volumes.
  • Controlling recurrent expenses, fundamentally in terms of personnel costs, with a target growth rate similar to 2011 inflation.
  • Continuing to prudently manage risks.
  • Consolidating the customer segmentation strategy in order to boost the cross-selling of products, and thus enabling income to increase, and to make progress in the service quality improvement effort.