BBVA in 2012

Government & Corporate Banking

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This unit has specialized offices to serve each one of its customer segments: 87 branches for companies, 36 branches for the public sector and 14 branches for real-estate developers. As of 31-Dec-2012, the unit managed a loan-book volume of €10,430m and customer funds totaling €14,400m.

The Corporate segment serves 40,949 customers, 12% more than in 2011. In 2012, 1,344 customers who were not previously loan customers became so, making the total number of loan users total 8,899, or 22% of the total customer base in this unit. This unit also continued to support its customers through its range of solutions to make their operations much easier and faster. Currently, customers in this unit use 5.04 groups of products on average per corporate group, and 66% of the groups are linked to the entity with 5 or more products.

The real-estate developers portfolio redesigned its strategy and customer-support model to incorporate new acceptance and monitoring processes to maintain portfolio quality.

Throughout 2012, the government segment experienced constant growth in the number of customers. At the end of the year, it reached 3,232, representing 58% of all offices in the Mexican government. Both innovation and the extensive range of services offered, like payrolls for government employees and tax collection solutions for states and municipalities, have resulted in one of the highest rates of bank loyalty: 4.57 product families on average per customer.

The financial leasing business was strengthened buy the purchase of FacilLeasing in 2011. It also extended its product range to include not only auto leases, but also specialized leases (planes, boats), for equipment and fleets.