Our experience is basically focused on networks of global scope to extend our employer branding, together with others that support the search for candidates. BBVA also has its own selection portal, called Campus Virtual de Empleo BBVA (BBVA Virtual Employment Campus).

The active online presence of the Selection unit provides BBVA with a new relationship model in the recruitment process, in line with new trends.

The Campus gives us global positioning, while at the same time providing coverage for each and every one of the different units. Each country has its own stand that presents the job offers available at any time; and candidates may upload their CVs online.

CVs received New hires
2010 240,409 10,569
2009 234,720 8,263

All of our channels are also connected to our CV management system, so that all the CVs are incorporated into a single database, thus optimizing working time for both recruiters and candidates.

In terms of the selection process, a series of tests identifies the candidates’ potential against the requirements defined by the Organization and the degree to which they fit BBVA’s corporate culture. Although the process varies according to the type of candidate (recent graduate, with previous experience, senior, etc.), equal opportunity is guaranteed through standard tests. This model is aligned and consistent with internal assessment schemes, thus allowing the candidates who enter to have an initial competencies assessment that is comparable to that given to the rest of the Group’s employees. This method helps focus their professional development from their first day with the Group.

Recruiting process stages