Area strategy

In a difficult year for the markets, WB&AM achieved excellent results thanks to the implementation of a Transformation Plan resting on four key pillars: globalization; improved customer relations; a wide range of added-value products and services; and risk discipline aimed at optimizing the use of economic capital.

The Transformation Plan has laid the foundations for a successful future. WB&AM is to implement a Growth Plan that involves a change in the organization of the area, ranging from coordination between the different units of the geographical areas to effective integration. It has a threefold objective:

  • Strengthen the area’s positioning in core markets.
  • Take advantage of its major presence in Latin America.
  • Export the business model to other geographical areas.

This requires the support of three factors: commercial processes, technology and talent.

  • Progress has to be made in strengthening commercial processes to optimize the desired relationship with customers, and to improve standardization in all geographical areas, both in terms of the approach to the different customer segments and the different products and services offered.
  • New investment has to be undertaken in technology, including the implementation of a single integrated IT platform.
  • Investment to attract and retain talent is particularly important.

2011 will be a difficult year, but the area will work on these fronts to achieve its objectives.

49: Wholesale Banking & Asset Management. Value change coordination

50: Wholesale Banking & Asset Management. First financial services provider


51: Wholesale Banking & Asset Management. RAR evolution