Corporate responsibility

The aim of BBVA’s Corporate Responsibility policy continues to be to define and promote behavior that creates value for all of its stakeholders (social value), as well as for BBVA itself (reputational value and direct economic value). It is essential that such commitment and behavior should express both BBVA’s vision of “working for a better future for people” and its principles, which should respond in the best possible way to the expectations of stakeholders (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society) while reinforcing the Bank’s business strategy.

BBVA is working to extend integration of strategic management of environmental, social, ethical and corporate governance variables across all of its areas of business. The aim of this is to reduce extrafinancial risks, increase business opportunities by working on the most important issues for society, and to work together to solve social demands through increased dialogue and commitment to stakeholders. The following table of key indicators sums up the cross-cutting nature of the concept of Corporate Responsibility in its key metrics. These metrics are developed in more detail in Chapter V of this Report.

In 2010 the Group has continued to make progress with actions based on the pillars of the Strategic Corporate Responsibility and Reputation (CRR) Plan: financial literacy and inclusion, responsible banking and community involvement. The following table sums up both the level of achievement of these objectives for 2010 and the management priorities set for 2011 for each of the Group’s basic areas of action. It is important to highlight that the accompanying data for 2010 has been verified by Deloitte.


Subjects Main CR objectives in 2010 Compliance objectives 2010 verified by Deloitte Objectives for 2011
CR principles and policies Make two appearances before the Board of Directors. 50% Report regularly (at least once a year) to the Board of Directors.
Stakeholders Making of a roadshow by CR with sustainability analysts. 50% Include CR-ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues in Investors Day 2011.

Promote social projects with involvement of shareholders and/or customers. 50% Create an internal ESG Committee with members from Investor Relations (IR), CR and Corporate Governance.
Financial Literacy “Valores de futuro” in Spain: reach 550,000 children and 2,800 participating centers. Launch of “Valores de futuro” in Portugal, with 100,000 children taking part. Implementation of the “Adelante con tu futuro” (Forward with your future) program in countries in South America. “Adelante con tu futuro” in Mexico: reach 240,000 beneficiaries. 100% Exceed a total of one million beneficiaries of the Global Financial Education Plan and conclude an agreement with PISA to promote financial literacy. Consolidate the figures of centers and beneficiaries of the “Valores de futuro” program in the 2010-2011 academic year (in Spain 578,000 students and 3,060 centers, and in Portugal 100,000 students and 600 centers). Reach a total of 400,000 beneficiaries of the program “Adelante con tu futuro” in Mexico.
Financial inclusion Operational presence of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation in Argentina, Mexico and Central America. 50% Extend the BBVA Microfinance Foundation’s current customer base of 620,000 by 20%. Extend the operational presence of the Microfinance Foundation from the current 6 countries (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico) to 9.
Customer focus Define and implement a new procedure to increase the transparency and clear language used in the Group’s advertising campaigns. 25% Approve a corporate manual for transparent, clear and responsible (TCR) communication and design local implementation plans.
Responsible finance Implementation of ecorating in CBB Spain, Mexico and Peru. 25% Include mitigating factors for companies with high environmental risk and exposure of over €500,000 in ecorating analysis. Implement ecorating in Mexico.
Human resources Launch of the “Diversity and Equality” course on the e-campus platform (Spain). 100% Boost initiatives that promote equal opportunity, the life/ work balance and gender diversity, and the extension of the genera! social networking diversity tool throughout the Group.
Responsible investment Progress in the engagement process and the exercise of voting rights. 50% Analyze the possibility of extending the exercise of voting rights to other geographical areas (currently only in Spain).
Responsible procurement Approval and implementation of the sustainable purchasing policy. 0% Approve and begin to implement the sustainable purchasing policy in the Group.
Environment Increase the number of employees working in ISO 14001 buildings to 15,635. 100% Increase the number of employees working in ISO 14001 buildings by 20%.
Community involvement Consolidate the “Niños adelante” program and the number of children with scholarships: 60,000. 100% Consolidate the number of 60,000 children who benefit from the “Niños adelante” scholarships. Launch a global BBVA program to support social entrepreneurs.

BBVA Group. Key corporate responsibility indicators


2010 2009 2008
Economic (1)

International ranking of private banks by market capitalization 27th 13th 7th
Economic value added (EVA) (million euros) 18,559 20,315 29,879
Socially responsible mutual funds over total mutual and pension funds managed (%) 2.13 2.92 2.70

Customer satisfaction index (%) (2) 5.27 5.22 5.57
Employee satisfaction index (%) (3) 90 - 87
Supplier satisfaction index (%) (4) 79 - 82
Hours of training per employee 43 38 37
Women in senior management (Management Committee and corporate managers/senior managers) (%) 10/18 9/18 10/18
Ratio of men to women (%) 48/52 48/52 49/51
Resources allocated to community involvement (million euros) 74.9 79.1 85.3
Resources allocated to community involvement over net attributable profit (%) 1.63 1.88 1.70
Number of beneficiaries of the "Niños adelante" education project 53,140 56,178 47,104
Number of beneficiaries of the Global Financial Education Plan (5) 1,317,979 445,695 7,000
Number of direct and indirect beneficiaries of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (millions) 2.5 2.0 1.7
Number of customers of the BBVA Microfinance Foundation 620,584 499,961 346,758
Total value of microcredits granted by the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (million euros) 432 323 195
Average amount per microcredit from the BBVA Microfinance Foundation (euros) 696 717 564
Number of volunteers 5,251 5,193 3,606

CO2 emitted per employee (t) (6) 4.64 6.51 3.87
Paper consumption per employee (t) (6) 0.13 0.13 0.13
Water consumption per employee (m3) (6) 46.20 50.30 33.62
Electricity consumption per employee (MWh) (6) 8.70 13.17 8.36
Number of employees working in ISO 14001 certified buildings 15,238 10,455 9,105
Corporate responsibility and reputation (CRR) management and governance

Number of CRR appearances before the Board of Directors 1 2 2
Number of corporate CRR committees 3 2 4
Number of CRR committees in Latin America 18 16 10
Number of CRR committees in Spain and Portugal 2 1 0
Number of CRR committees in the United States 0 0 0
(1) Other key economic CR indicators are net attributable profit per share, stock market capitalization and non-performing asset ratio. These figures can be reviewed in the BBVA
Group Higlights table of this Report.
(2) Data for Spain on scale 1-7.
(3) Bienal survey. Employees satisfied or very satisfied.
(4) Bienal survey. Data for Spain.
(5) Data for Spain and Mexico.
(6) Interim data in review process. Group banks perimeter. The final data is available at www.bancaparatodos.com .