Work in Spain

Valores de futuro

The second year of the program Valores de futuro (Future Values) was launched in 2010 as part of the Global Financial Literacy Plan 2009-2011. (For more information see the Financial Literacy section).


For over 30 years, BBVA has run an ambitious cultural program, making it a model for art patronage. It also carries out major educational and promotional work. In 2010, the BBVA Foundation also managed cultural activities, to which it allocated €6.3m during the year. The Group’s cultural program is based on three lines of action: music, specifically contemporary music and its promotion among the general public; the arts, through key exhibitions; and education, through the program of scholarships designed to provide advanced training for young musicians, doctors, economists and specialists in the environment.

Integra Prize

BBVA’s first Integra Prize award was held in 2009 in Spain, to promote the social and labor integration of people with disabilities. This initiative has been developed in collaboration with FEACEM, the ONCE Foundation, FEAPS, CERMI and COCEMFE. The prize pays particular attention to quality employment based on the innovation and sustainability generated by special employment centers (CEE). The prize, worth €200,000, was awarded in 2010 to the Majorcan association AMADIP-ESMENT. Their CEE provides work for 294 people with intellectual disabilities and is dedicated to food and catering, printing, graphics, maintenance, gardening and organic agriculture. A further 6 projects were awarded a total of €300,000: the Association of Paraplegics and People with Great Physical Disability in the Madrid Region (ASPAYM-MADRID); the Private Catalan Foundation for Cerebral Palsy (FCPC); the Association for People with Mental Disability of the Barberà Council (APRODISCA); the Association of Family Members and Mental Patients (LENDA); Mater Traball I Natura; and Moltacte SCCL.