Adelante con tu futuro (Latin America)

This program was created in 2008 by BBVA Bancomer, the Museo Interactivo de Economía (MIDE) and the Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC) University to offer both customers and non-customers workshops on personal finance. Currently, there are five interactive workshops in place covering subjects such as saving, saving for retirement, credit cards, credit health and mortgage loans (the latter was introduced in 2010). These workshops are based on six lines of action, which in 2010 with progress made as set out below:

  1. Financial literacy classes in the branch network. There are 20 classes in all, with a capacity for up to 20 people in each, in the 14 major cities in the country.
  2. Mobile classes. There are 15 classes, compared with 9 the previous year, with capacity for up to 21 people. The aim is to take them to the premises of companies that do not have the physical or technological infrastructure required.
  3. Mobile equipment, with 15 mobile systems, compared with 9 the previous year, that can be set up in any skills classroom with a capacity for 20 people.
  4. Virtual financial literacy classes. The workshops can be given through the portal http://www.adelantecontufuturo.com.mx thanks to the LMS distance learning platform of Monterrey TEC University. There is also a helpline number 018003888761 (FUTURO1).
  5. Financial literacy in partnership with educational institutions. In 2010, the workshops have been extended to the educational sector through the agreement with the Monterrey Institute for Technological and Higher Studies (ITSEM) in Mexico City. The aim is to incorporate the idea of the importance of saving and the proper use of financial instruments into the university educational environment, as a way of supporting young people by offering them financial training that can help them handle their personal finances.

At the close of 2010, BBVA Bancomer had given personal finance workshops benefiting 303,539 people.

In 2011 the Group aims to reach 400,000 people in Mexico. The program Adelante con tu futuro (Forward with your Future) has also been extended to Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, where workshops will begin in 2011.

6: Beneficiaries of workshops on personal finance in Mexico