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Consensus of estimated results

3Q16 earnings consensus

Consensus (EUR m) (*)3Q16
Net Interest Income4,233
Gross Income6,005
Operating Income2,817
Net Attributable Profit846

(E*) This consensus includes the estimates of 19 analysts. Last update: 10/13/2016.

Business areas
Net Attributable Profit (EUR m) (e*)3Q16
Banking activity in Spain294
Real- Estate activity in Spain-109
The United States100
Rest of Eurasia18
South America191
Corporate Center-263

(E*) This consensus includes the estimates of 19/21 analysts. Last update: 10/13/2016.

Consensus of Annual Results

Consensus (EUR m) (E*)201620172018
Net Interest Income17,06218,00919,196
Gross Income24,35225,31726,734
Operating Income11,53412,28913,356
Net Attributable Profit3,6034,2414,921
EPS (€)0.560.650.75

(E*) This consensus includes the estimates of 21 analysts. Last update: 09/12/2016.

Business areas
Net Attributable Profit (EUR m) (E*)201620172018
Banking activity in Spain1,1301,3031,486
Real-Estate activity in Spain-393-268-206
The United States368475562
South America789841896
Rest of Eurasia959299
Corporate Center-946-898-901

(E*) This consensus includes the estimates of 20 analysts. Last update: 09/12/2016.

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