Financial data

BBVA Group Highlights (Consolidated figures)

Balance sheet

Balance sheet (million euros)12-31-18 (IFRS 9)  ^% 12-31-17 (IAS 39)12-31-16 (IAS 39)
Total assets676,689(1.9)690,059731,856
Loans and advances to customers (gross)386,225(3.5)400,369430,474
Deposits from customers375,970(0.1)376,379401,465
Others customer funds128,103(5.0)134,906132,092
Total customer funds504,073(1.4)511,285533,557
Total equity52,874(0.8)53,32355,428

Income statement (million euros)

Income statement (million euros)12-31-18 (IFRS 9)  ^% 12-31-17 (IAS 39)12-31-16 (IAS 39)
Net interest income17,591(0.9)17,75817,059
Gross income23,747(6.0)25,27024,653
Operating income12,045(5.7)12,77011,862
Profit/(loss) before tax 7,5809.46,9316,392
Net attributable profit5,32451.33,5193,475

The BBVA share and share performance ratios

The BBVA share and share performance ratios 12-31-18 (IFRS 9) ^% 12-31-17 (IAS 39)12-31-16 (IAS 39
Number of share (millions)6,668-6,6686,567
Share price (euros)4.64(34.8)7.116.41
Earning per share (euros)*0.7655.90.480.49
Book value per share (euros)
Tangible book value per share (euros)5.862.95.695.73
Market capitalization (million euros)30,909(34.8)47,42242,118
Yield (dividend/price; %)

*Adjusted by additional Tier 1 instrument remuneration.

Significant Ratios (%)

Significant Ratios (%)12-31-18 (IFRS 9)12-31-17 (IAS 39)12-31-16 (IAS 39)
ROE (net attributable profit/average shareholders' funds)*
ROTE (net attributable profit/average shareholders’ funds excluding intangible assets)*
ROA (net income/average total assets)0.910.680.64
RORWA (net income/average risk-weighted assets)1.741.271.19
Efficiency ratio49.349.551.9
Cost of risk1.010.890.85
NPL ratio3.94.65.0
NPL coverage ratio736570

* The ROE and ROTE ratios include, in the denominator, the Group’s average shareholders’ funds and take into account the item called “Accumulated other comprehensive income”, which forms part of the equity. Excluding this item, the ROE would stand at 10.1%, in 2018; 6.7%, in 2017; and 6.9%, in 2016; and the ROTE at 12.0%, 8.0% and 8.6% respectively. respectively.

Capital adequacy ratios (%)

Capital adequacy ratios (%)*12-31-1812-31-1712-31-16
CET1 fully-loaded11.3 11.110.9
CET1 phased-in*11.611.712.2
Tier 1 phased-in*
Total Ratio phased-in*15.715.515.1

*As of December 31, 2018 phased-in ratios include the temporary treatment on the impact of IFRS9 , calculated in accordance with Article 473 bis of Capital Resquirements Regulation (CRR). The capital ratios are calculated under CRD IV from Basel III regulation, in which a phase-in of 80% is applied for 2017 and a phase-in of 60% for 2016.

Other Information

Other Information 12-31-18 ^%12-31-1712-31-16
Number of shareholders902,7081.3891,453935,284
Number of employees125,627(4.7)131,856134,792
Number of branches7,963(3.7)8,2718,660
Number of ATMs32,0291.131,68831,120

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