Shareholders remuneration

In line with the significant event published on February 1, 2017, BBVA intends to distribute between 35% and 40% of profits obtained each year fully in cash.

This shareholder remuneration policy will be formed each year of an interim dividend (which is expected to be paid in October) and a final dividend (which will be paid out upon completion of the final year and following approval of the application of the result, foreseeably in April). These payouts will be subject to appropriate approval by the corresponding governing bodies.


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsMore information
06-10-2017Cash Dividend97.29Calendar

Date established for ex-dividend date


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsShares
04-21-17Dividend Option13.110.611 share x 54 rights
01-10-17Cash Dividend86.48
10-19-16Dividend Option86.481 share x 66 rights
07-06-16Cash Dividend86.48


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsShares
04-21-16Dividend Option12.9010.451 share x 46 rights
01-11-16Cash Dividend86.48
10-22-15Dividend Option86.441 share x 92 rights
07-16-15Cash Dividend86.44


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsShares
04-17-15Dividend Option1311.311 share x 70 rights
01-12-15Dividend Option86.401 share x 99 rights
10-16-14Dividend Option86.321 share x 120 rights
07-10-14Cash Dividend86.32


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsShares
04-17-14Dividend Option 16.813.27 1share x 51 rights
10-17-13Dividend Option 9.97.891share x 83 rights
07-10-13Cash Dividend107.9


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsShares
04-25-13Dividend Option129.5 1share x 56 rights
01-10-13Cash Dividend107.9 -
10-18-12Dividend Option9.97.81share x 64 rights
07.10.12Cash Dividend107.9-


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsShares
05-04-12Dividend Option11.89.81 share x 47 rights
01-10-12Cash Dividend 107.9-
10-19-11Dividend Option108.11 share x 56 rights
07-08-11Cash Dividend108.1-


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro CentsShares
04-20-11Dividend Option14.912.071 share x 59 rights
01-10-11Cash Dividend97.29-
10-11-10Cash Dividend97.29-
07-12-10Cash Dividend97.29-


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro Cents
04-12-10Cash Dividend 15.0012.15
12-28-09Cash Dividend 97.38
10-12-09Cash Dividend 97.38
07-10-09Cash Dividend 97.38


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro Cents
04-20-09Cash Dividend 1 share per 62 (13.00 cents 04/17/09)1 share per 62 (13.00 cents 04/17/09)
01-12-09Cash Dividend 16.713.694
10-10-08Cash Dividend 16.713.694
07-10-08Cash Dividend 16.713.694


DateItemGross Euro CentsNet Euro Cents
04-10-08Cash Dividend 27.722.714
01-10-08Cash Dividend 15.212.464
10-10-07Cash Dividend 15.212.464
10-07-07Cash Dividend 15.212.464

Additional information regarding shareholder’s remuneration is available in note 4 of BBVA’s Consolidated Annual Report for each year.
*Date established for:

  • Cash dividend: Ex- dividend date
  • Dividend Option: Date of cash payment to shareholders who have opted to sell the rights to BBVA
Updated page 10 October 2017

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