Board of Directors

This is how the board of directors is composed, with the each director’s post, type of directorship, date of first appointment to the seat and the date of the last re-election. To find out more about their professional background and other boards on which they sit, click on each director’s name.

DirectorPositionBirth yearType of directorshipDate of first appointmentDate of last re-election
Torres Vila, CarlosChair1966Executive04.05.201518.03.2022
Genç, OnurChief Executive Officer1974Executive20.12.201818.03.2022
Andrés Torrecillas, José MiguelDeputy Chair1955Independent13.03.201520.04.2021
Caruana Lacorte, JaimeDirector1952Independent16.03.201820.04.2021
Dulá, SoniaDirector1961Independent17.03.2023-
Galamba de Oliveira, RaúlLead Director1964Independent13.03.202017.03.2023
Garijo López, BelénDirector1960Independent16.03.201220.04.2021
Hedegaard Koksbang, ConnieDirector1960Independent18.03.2022-
Máiz Carro, LourdesDirector1959Independent14.03.201417.03.2023
Maldonado Ramos, JoséDirector1952External28.01.200020.04.2021
Peralta Moreno, AnaDirector1961Independent16.03.201820.04.2021
Pi Llorens, JuanDirector1950External27.07.201120.04.2021
Revenga Shanklin, AnaDirector1963Independent13.03.202017.03.2023
Salazar Lomelín, CarlosDirector1951External13.03.202017.03.2023
Verplancke, JanDirector1963Independent16.03.201820.04.2021

Secretary (not a Board member): Domingo Armengol Calvo

Deputy Secretary (not a Board member): Amaya Llovet Díaz

Click on the link to the information from the public records of the CNMV (Spanish stock-exchange authority) to see the number of shares and stock options that each director owns in the Bank.

BBVA Board of Directors selection, suitability and diversity policy.

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