Capital & Treasury stock Information

Capital stock

As of April 24th 2017, the share capital of BBVA is of €3,267,264,424.20, divided into 6,667,886,580 fully subscribed and paid-up registered shares, all of the same class and series, represented through book-entry accounts (6,667,886,580 voting rights).

All BBVA shares carry the same voting and dividend rights and no single stockholder enjoys special voting rights. BBVA shares are traded on the continuous market in Spain, as well as on the London and Mexico stock markets. American Depositary Shares (ADSs) listed in New York are also traded on the Lima (Peru) Stock Exchange, by virtue of an exchange agreement between these two exchanges.


For a full description of how BBVA’s share capital has developed since 2000, please see the table below, which presents a full account of share transactions as the company expanded and acquired other financial institutions.

Capital issuance

DateTransaction Nominal value, €Number of new sharesTotal number of shares outstandingPrice, €
04/24/17Dividend Capital increase0,49101,271,3386,667,886,580
10/20/16Dividend Capital increase0,49  86.257.3176.566.615.242
04/19/16 Dividend Capital increase0,49 113.677.8076.480.357.925         
10/19/15 Ampliación dividendo opción0,49 61.442,1066.366.680.118         
04/14/15 Dividend Capital increase0,49 80.314.0746.305.238.012         
01/07/15 Dividend Capital increase0,49 53.584.9436.224.923.938         
11/20/14 Capital increase0,49 242.424.2446.171.338.995  8,25        
10/13/14 Dividend Capital increase 0,49 41.746.0415.928.914.751  
04/14/14 Dividend Capital increase0,49 101.214.2675.887.168.710  
10/23/13Dividend Capital increase0,4961.627.9525.785.954.443
07/05/13Conversion of convertible bonds0,49192.083.2325.724.326.491
04/22/13Dividend Capital increase0,4983.393.7145.532.243.259
10/24/12 Dividend Capital increase       0.49 66.741.405 5.448.849.545  
10/16/12 Supplement Preferred secuirities UnnimN.AN.A 5.382.108.140Supplement
09/28/12Preferred Shares Offer (Unnim)N.A.05.382.108.140Note (Spanish)
07/04/12Conversion of convertible bonds0,49238.682.2135.382.108.140-
05/08/12Scrip issue, dividend option0,4982.343.5495.143.425.927-
04/02/12Conversion of convertible bonds157.875.3755.061.082.378
10/25/11Scrip issue, dividend option 0,4978.413.5064.903.207.003-
07/18/11Conversion of convertible bonds0,49273.190.9274.824.793.497-
04/27/11Scrip issue of shares0,4960.694.2854.551.602.5708,966 (Ref.)
11/30/10Issue of new shares0,49742.939.1644.490.908.2856,75
09/10/07 Issue of new shares0,49196.000.0003.747.969.12116,77
11/28/06Issue of new shares0,49161.117.0783.551.969.12118,62
03/04/04Issue of 6,1%, buy-out of minority shareholders in BBVA Bancomer0,49195.000.0003.390.852.04310,25
11/30/00Issue of 1,3% 0,4941.049.9173.195.852.04313,85
10/31/00Issue of 0,06695% 0,492.110.7703.154.802.12613,85
09/08/00Issue of 0,00259% for Banco del Comercio and Banco de Negocios Argentaria0,4981.7763.152.691.356BdC: 46,451, BNA: 27,769
07/31/00Issue of 0,00147 %0,4946.4813.152.609.58013,85
06/09/00Issue of 0,0617% for Banca Catalana and Banco de Alicante0,491.943.4683.152.563.099B.C: 5,42, B.A: 4,50
06/06/00Green shoe, international allotment0,4920.000.0003.150.619.63113,84
05/31/00Issue of 0,0007%0,4921.5693.130.619.63113,85
05/23/00Issue of new shares for the purchase of Bancomer and Internet 0,49200.000.0003.130.598.062Inst: 13,84, Min: 13,61
04/24/00Reduction of nominal value by 0.03 euros0,4902.930.598.062-
03/31/00Issue of 0,002%0,5258.3282.930.598.06213,85
03/31/00Issue of 0,001%0,5225.1552.930.539.7344,60
01/28/00Issue at the merger with Argentaria (exchange of 5 BBV shares for 3 in Argentaria)0,52817.279.5732.930.514.5792,97

As of September 30, 2021, the number of BBVA shares was 6,668 million, and the number of shareholders reached 836,979. By type of investor, 62.24% of the capital is held by institutional investors and the remaining 37.76% by retail shareholders.



Shareholder structure (09-30-2021)

Number of sharesNumber%Number%
Up to 500345,68941.364,765,7041.0
501 to 5,000386,59346.2678,331,45410.2
5,001 to 10,00056,2096.7395,267,6225.9
10,001 to 50,00043,6395.2835,142,19912.5
50,001 to 100,0003,1480.4 214,561,5133.2
100,001 to 500,0001,4020.2252,447,7483.8
More than 500,0012990.04,227,370,34063.4

Information disclosures in the public records about Major Holdings in BBVA´s share capital.

Through the links provided below, you can access information shown in the public records of the Spanish Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores or CNMV) on Major Holdings in BBVA´s share capital, Significant Shareholdings held by the Bank in other listed companies and the Bank´s treasury stock.

Information on BBVA’s discretionary treasure share trading activity.


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