January - September 2012

Retail and Commercial Banking

Retail and Commercial Banking manages 90% of the loan book in the area and 96% of customer funds.

BBVA is working to support its customers and offer them increasingly personalized solutions within the difficult current economic situation. The range of products available to the different segments in this unit is expanding steadily, and the Bank continues to reward customer loyalty. The following examples are worth mentioning:

  • A new consumer finance scheme for private individuals that returns 10% of interest payments each year for the duration of the loan.
  • The Corporate and Business Banking (CBB) network has focused on retention and attraction of customer funds as a way of consolidating and increasing customer loyalty. To do so, it has offered a full range of products with competitive remuneration and great flexibility, which have gathered over €1,000m in time deposits over the quarter.
  • The start of the “International Synergies” project, which offers CBB customers in Spain a global range of services from all the countries where BBVA operates. In addition, the “Growing abroad” cycle, organized by the international department, continues to hold seminars to support Spanish companies in their process of international expansion. This firm commitment by BBVA to accompany its customers in their expansion abroad has resulted in an increasing number of cross-border transactions in countries such as Mexico, Chile, Canada, Turkey and Italy, where transnational teams operate, and demonstrates the global reach of the BBVA Group.
  • In the institutional segment, work is being carried out to advise the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations in creating and developing the Regional Liquidity Fund (FLA). The Spanish banking system will contribute €8,000m to this initiative, and BBVA’s contribution will be €1,600m.