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18. Insurance and reinsurance contracts

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The Group has insurance subsidiaries mainly in Spain and Latin America (mostly in Mexico). The main product offered by the insurance subsidiaries is life insurance to cover the risk of death (risk insurance) and life-savings insurance. Within life and accident insurance, a distinction is made between freely sold products and those offered to customers who have taken mortgage or consumer loans, which cover the principal of those loans in the event of the customer’s death.

There are two types of saving products: individual insurance, which seeks to provide the customer with savings for retirement or other events, and group insurance, which is taken out by entities to cover their commitments to employees.

The most significant provisions recognized by consolidated insurance entities with respect to insurance policies issued by them are set out by their nature in Note 24.

The modeling methods and techniques used to calculate the mathematical reserves for the insurance products are actuarial and financial methods and modeling techniques approved by the respective country’s insurance regulator or supervisor. The most important insurance entities are located in Spain and Mexico (which together account for approximately 95% of the insurance revenues), where the modeling methods and techniques are reviewed by the insurance regulator in Spain (General Directorate of Insurance) and Mexico (National Insurance and Bonding Commission), respectively. The modeling methods and techniques used to calculate the mathematical reserves for the insurance products are based on IFRS and primarily involve the valuation of the estimated future cash flows, discounted at the technical interest rate for each policy. To ensure this technical interest rate, asset-liability management is carried out, acquiring a portfolio of securities that generate the cash flows needed to cover the payment commitments assumed with the customers.

The table below shows the key assumptions used in the calculation of the mathematical reserves for insurance in Spain and Mexico, respectively:

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MATHEMATICAL RESERVES Mortality table Average technical interest type
Spain Mexico Spain Mexico
Individual life insurance (1) GKM80/GKM95/
Own tables
Tables of the
Comision Nacional De
Seguros y Fianzas
2 - 3.8% 2.5%
Group insurance (2) PERM/F2000NP Tables of the
Comision Nacional De
Seguros y Fianzas
1.7 - 5.1% 5.5%
(1) Provides coverage in the case of one or more of the following: death and disability (2) Insurance policies purchased by companies (other than Group BBVA entities) on behalf of their employees

The table below shows the mathematical reserves (see Note 24) by type of product as of December 31, 2013, 2012 and 2011:

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Technical Reserves by type of insurance product Millions of Euros
2013 2012
Mathematical reserves 8,816 7,951
Individual life insurance (1) 5,695 4,777
Savings 4,907 3,996
Risk 788 781
Group insurance (2) 3,121 3,174
Savings 3,000 3,083
Risk 121 91
Provision for unpaid claims reported 496 550
Provisions for unexpired risks and other provisions 522 519
Total 9,834 9,020
(1) Provides coverage in the event of death or disability (2) The insurance policies purchased by companies (other than BBVA Group) on behalf of its employees

During 2013, it has been registered the agreement to reach 100% of the stake of "Unnim Vida" (see Note 3).

The table below shows the contribution of each insurance product to the Group’s income (see Note 45) in 2013:

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Millions of Euros
Revenues by type of insurance product                                               2013             2012
Life insurance 549 610
Individual 303 434
Savings 52 41
Risk 251 392
Group insurance 247 175
Savings 62 11
Risk 185 164
Non-Life insurance 381 375
Home insurance 120 147
Other non-life insurance products 261 228
Total 930 985

The heading “Reinsurance assets” in the accompanying consolidated balance sheets includes the amounts that the consolidated insurance entities are entitled to receive under the reinsurance contracts entered into by them with third parties and, more specifically, the share of the reinsurer in the technical provisions recognized by the consolidated insurance entities. As of December 30, 2013, 2012 and 2011, the balance is €619, €50 million and €26 million, respectively.