financial statements 2013

59. Subsequent events

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After the year ended December 31, 2013, it is expected that on January 30, 2014, under the powers delegated by the Company’s AGM held on March 16, 2012, the same Board of Directors meeting on January 31, 2013 also submit for approval under point five of the agenda, an agreement for the issue of debentures convertible into ordinary BBVA shares, excluding the preemptive subscription right.

Because of the agreement was approved, and for the purposes set out in articles 414, 417 and 511 of the Spanish Corporations Act, the mandatory Directors report explaining the conversion conditions and types will be issued, justifying the proposal for the abolition of the pre-emptive subscription right, to be accompanied, as appropriate, by another report drafted by an auditor other than the company’s auditor, appointed for this purpose by the Companies Register.

From January 1, 2014 to the date of preparation of these consolidated financial statements, no other subsequent events not mentioned above in these financial statements have taken place that significantly affect the Group’s earnings or its equity position.