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BBVA in 2014

  1. February

    Acquisition of Simple

    Simple is a company based in the United States which stands out by offering a new approach to banking, exclusively through digital channels. This operation is part of BBVA’s strategy to lead the technological transformation of the financial industry.

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  2. Boost to the Group’s digital transformation


    Held Annual General Meeting

    In which BBVA’s management has once again received very strong support during the difficult year of 2013. The attendance was at 63.2% and the average backing in voting for the items on the agenda was over 98%.

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  3. March

    Boost to the Group’s digital transformation

    BBVA is evolving toward an increasingly digital Organization to lead the bank of the future. This has led to change its organizational structure and to set up the Digital Banking area with the double mission of speeding up the Group’s transformation and boosting the development of new digital businesses. As a result, BBVA has been awarded with the Euromoney’s global award for Best Bank Transformation.

  4. May

    Carlos Soria reached the Kanchenjunga peak, in Himalayas (Video in Spanish)

    Carlos Soria is one of the BBVA ambassadors which, at 75 years age, has set himself the challenge of climbing the 14 highest mountains in the world.

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  5. Announcement of the acquisition of Catalunya Banc


    Announcement of the acquisition of Catalunya Banc

    After this transaction, BBVA will make major progress in Catalonia and take up a leading position in Spain in lending and customer funds.

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  6. Release of the balance of BBVA’s global impact on society


    Release of the balance of BBVA’s global impact on society

    BBVA is the first financial institution to publish a global assessment of the impact of its activity on the societies in which it operates, with all the information verified by an independent auditor.

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  7. September

    BBVA Wallet, the best mobile payment solution in Europe (Video in Spanish)

    The BBVA Wallet app has been awarded a prize at the Contactless & Mobile Awards 2014. These awards highlight the most important innovations in Europe in applying contactless technology in the market and recognize the effort that “the company is making to bring mobile payments to the mass market.” Moreover, BBVA is also the first financial group in the world to launch a NFC mobile payment solution that uses the cloud-based Visa specification.

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  8. October

    Disclosure of the results of the comprehensive assessment

    BBVA surpasses the stress test easily, both the base and the adverse scenarios. Moreover, in this last case the CET1 fully-loaded ratio for 2016 stands above 8.0%.

  9. November

    The Single Supervisory Mechanism comes into force

    BBVA is within the 128 European entities with more than 30,000 million of assets that are under the direct supervision of the ECB.

  10. Agreement to increase the stake in Garanti


    Announcement of the agreement to increase the stake in Garanti

    BBVA reaches an agreement to acquire an additional 14.89% of Garanti from its partner, Doğuş Group, to become the leading shareholder of Garanti which holds a clear position as market leader in the country. Thus, BBVA’s holding in Garanti would be 39.9% and Doğuş would remain as a key shareholder with 10%.

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  11. December

    Seres awards the BBVA program “Yo Soy Empleo”

    This Foundation grants the prize for “Yo Soy Empleo” to meet the requirements of innovation, social and business value and to succeed in integrating social responsibility within the Group’s strategy.