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The team

BBVA’s corporate culture can be summed up in the vision “we work for a better future for people”, thanks to the commitment of a team that establishes lasting relationships with customers and adds value to society. This can only be done with the most talented professionals to face the future challenges of the financial industry and, in particular, its digital transformation.

Chart 1: Tú&BBVA

It is essential to have the most talented professionals to face the future challenges of the financial industry and its digital transformation

After extensive research, BBVA has defined what it means to belong to this team, through a creative concept: “Tú&BBVA” (You&BBVA)

The main actions launched in 2014 as part of this concept are:


Training is a key element for the development of BBVA’s professionals and the attainment of its business objectives. The Bank has maintained its investment effort, with a budget of €40m for training, or an average of 52.1 hours of training per employee, 59.9% through e-learning and 40.1% through on-site training. Maintaining the commitment to self-development and digital channels, this year has seen the launch of the digital BBVA Campus. By the end of the year, the platform was already handling the training of all BBVA professionals as well as giving access to interns and members of company that collaborate temporally with us.

After its launch last year, it was decided to strengthen the Self-Development Plan, as it represents a commitment to individual growth. This tool allows each professional to hone the skills and knowledge that he or she has to improve.

BBVA has maintained its investment effort in training in 2014 and has launched the new digital platform BBVA Campus

At the same time, the Responsible Business Plan has continued to receive support as a key element in the development of our professionals. Its goal is to make all of them aware of environmental and social governance and transmit the Group’s community involvement through responsible banking. In 2014, it was launched the Responsible Business e-learning program and the “Becarios 3.000” program. In the first year of this program, 1,423 young people benefited from the project and 916 scholarships were completed out of the 1,644 launched.

BBVA is committed to transparency, objectivity and equal opportunities in professional development. To this end, the Group has a mobility policy which, among other initiatives, gives priority to internal rather than external recruitment. Over the year, 4,569 vacancies have been published in apúntate+, the Group’s job-posting platform, and over 11,895 professionals have participated in the various processes.

Quality employment

The “Becarios 3.000” (Interns 3,000) program has been launched under the umbrella of the Responsible Business Plan, with the aim of making it easier for young people to enter the labor market

Overall employee satisfaction index

Chart 2: Overall employee satisfaction index

(1) Global indicator calculated as the average of the emotional indicator and rational indicator.
(2) Aspects related to how the employee feels at work.
(3) Aspects related to the employee’s perception of the company’s working conditions in a broad sense.

The 2014 Satisfaction Survey has improved on the overall result of the 2012 survey by 1.5 points

Ten new corporate initiatives were approved in 2014 within the three main lines of action of the Global Gender Diversity Plan: maternity, promotion and awareness.

In addition, BBVA makes the Genera! platform available to all its employees. It provides information on real experiences in BBVA, the events and the internal policies relating to diversity. It also serves as a forum for debate on subjects related to gender diversity, while internally disseminating all the plans that have been developed in the Group and in the different geographical areas.

Results-driven mindset

A key element in BBVA’s results-orientation is its variable remuneration model, which is aligned with the market’s best practices and recommendations. Variable remuneration is designed to be the end result of the objectives achieved at both the Group and individual levels. In other words, it can be considered a measure designed to quantify efforts, successes, contributions and the achievement of the targets set at the start of the year.

BBVA attitude

Gender diversity continues to be one of the crucial issues in BBVA for improving labor quality

Our way of banking is a feature that clearly sets us apart. As well as obtaining results, we act and work in a very specific way that can be summed up in: team work, simplicity, customer-centric approach and responsible business. The importance we place on these four elements can be seen in their forming part of our variable remuneration scheme, and they have a 10% impact on it. In addition, we want to recognize the professionals who best exemplify these four attitudes, which is why we hold the “Premios Pasión BBVA” (BBVA Passion Awards) every year. Over 1,000 employees were nominated this year.

Lastly, the attention given to talent management and gender diversity has been recognized at an international level, with the following awards:

  • Talent Mobility 2014, for the ability to deploy talent, thanks to the apúntate+ tool, granted by Lee Hatch Harrison (LHH).
  • Women Leadership Management & Talent (WLMT) award for the Genera! website, for its innovation in the management of diversity. Granted by the Intrama consultancy, it has the institutional support of the Autonomous Region of Madrid and Madrid Excelente.

BBVA wants to recognize the professionals who best exemplify its attitudes through the Premios Pasión BBVA (BBVA Passion Awards)