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Strategic positioning

Values and principles

  • Integrity as a manifestation of ethics in our actions and in all our relations with stakeholders.
  • Prudence, understood basically as the principle of precaution in risk-taking.
  • Transparency as a principle offering access to clear and truthful information within the limits of the law.

BBVA’s vision “we work for a better future for people” is our reason for being, it rests on three pillars: people, principles and innovation.

The Group’s mission is “to offer the best financial products and services to our customers”. And doing so simply and responsibly is our positioning. For BBVA, simplicity means ease, proximity, accessibility and clear language. And we understand responsibility as a long-term process term, a balanced relationship with customers and support for the development of society.

Group mission

At BBVA we do business responsibly, guided by principles of integrity, prudence and transparency

The economic, banking and regulatory background

Global growth

The global economy is recovering, albeit at a slower than expected pace. The global GDP is expected to grow by 3.6% in 2015; i.e. something better than the figure obtained in 2014 but with some uncertainties.

The recovery

The recovery

The regulatory environment in the financial industry

Banks are facing higher capital, liquidity and leverage requirements and high standards of transparency, risk management and governance. The bulk of regulatory reforms that were underway have now been undertaken, so the main focus has shifted to implementation.

The banking model in BBVA

In 2014, BBVA Group has continued to perform outstandingly in terms of earnings, risks, liquidity and solvency. This is thanks to its banking model leveraged on four pillars.

1 Diversification and leadership

In 2014, BBVA has continued to build a balanced portfolio which ensures resilience in any environment and a high level of recurrent revenues.

BBVA Group, Gross income breakdown(1) (percentage)

BBVA Group. Gross income breakdown

(1) Excluding Corporate Center.

The portfolio is also diversified as well as balanced and it is based on sound franchises, with a sufficiently large customer base and leadership positions in our core markets.

BBVA Group. Market shares and ranking by geographical areas

Market share Loans (%) Deposits (%) Deposits ranking
Spain 13.2 11.3 3rd
Mexico 24.1 22.2 1st
South America excl. Brazil 11.0 10.9 n.m.
The United States (Sunbelt) n.m. 6.2 4th
    Turkey (Garanti Bank) 39.9% stake (1) 11.9 11.7 2nd

Spain: Other domestic sector and public sector data as of November 2014 (BBVA+ Unnim). Mexico: data as of December 2014. South America: data as of November, 2014 for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The United States: data as of June 2014. Market share and ranking considering only Texas and Alabama. Turkey: source BRSA, data only for commercial banking as of December 2014.

(1) Closing expected by the first half of 2015.

BBVA, a balanced and diversified portfolio model underpinned by sound franchises

A very clear strategic roadmap

A very clear strategic roadmap

BBVA is continuously analyzing the market in search of attractive and profitable investment opportunities. According to this, in 2014 BBVA carried out a number of transactions:

  • In the United States: acquisition of Simple.
  • In Spain, announcement of acquisition of Catalunya Banc.
  • In Turkey, announcement of the agreement to increase the stake in Garanti Bank.
  • In China, announcement of the agreement for the sale of the 29.68% holding in CIFH to CNCB and, in January 2015, the sale of 4.9% stake in CNCB.

2 Prudent and proactive management

A management model based on prudence and anticipation...

A management model based on prudence and anticipation...

... which results in:

A management model based on prudence and anticipation...

3 Return adjusted to principles

A unique model based on return adjusted to principles...

Chart 6: A unique model based on return adjusted to principles...

... that places people at the core of our business

A management model based on prudence and anticipation...

4 A customer-centric approach

BBVA actively manages its portfolio with the aim of maximizing shareholder value

BBVA’s business model is focused on the customer, i.e. it is based on stable and lasting relationships with over 51 million customers the Group has around the world.

Transforming from and for customers

Our goal: to be leaders in customer satisfaction across our global footprint

BBVA has been working for a number of years on the transformation of its business model to a more digital model, based on technology and innovation as key levers. The aim is to offer a differential experience for our customers, generating a significant improvement in productivity, efficiency, profitability and value creation for the Group’s shareholders.

Digital transformation...

Digital transformation...

…to be leaders in customer satisfaction across our global footprint

BBVA is evolving toward a more digital Organization because it wants to lead the banking industry of the future