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BBVA brand

This is how BBVA brand positioning originates: a Bank that makes life easier for its customers. And simplicity is our differential pillar in being customer-centric.


How BBVA brand has continued to be constructed in 2014

In 2014 progress continued to be made on implementing the positioning of BBVA brand and corporate identity with the aim of maximizing its recognition (the capacity of BBVA brand to attract customers) and making its impacts (the number of people to whom BBVA brand could potentially reach) more profitable.

This visual corporate identity is already implemented in all the Bank’s points of contact with the different stakeholders, with particular attention being paid to the digital environment and physical spaces. This enables BBVA brand to be identified quickly, simply and clearly.

BBVA Brand

Chart 10: BBVA Group. Presence in the social media

BBVA also wants to stand out as a responsible Bank that conducts its financial activity really thinking about people. In this regard, consumers want more balanced relations with their bank. It is essential to talk to them clearly and transparently. Thus initiatives such as the TCR Communication Plan (for more information see The Client in Main stakeholders) are fundamental for dealing with our customers’ needs, while conveying BBVA’s positioning and values.

A single corporate identity for the whole Group that enables the brand to be identified quickly, simply and clearly

BBVA also wants to continue to be a model in communication through digital channels, the Internet and the social media. The communication strategy strengthens the positioning of BBVA brand. The new media are fundamental to improve customer relations. In our pursuit of simplicity, users are given the best possible service, wherever they are, through alternative channels and the social media. That is why BBVA is one of the cutting-edge financial institutions in the use of the social media, where its presence responds to a clear objective of offering the best information and service possible to its customers and stakeholders, wherever they are. It is a presence that is always in a process of construction, based on the premise that BBVA meets the specific needs of each of the people close to it.

BBVA Group. Daily production in the main social media

Chart 9: BBVA Group. Daily production in the main social media

BBVA Group. Presence in the social media

(Number of profiles as of December 2014)

Chart 6

Sponsorships in BBVA

The digital challenge: digital transformation to improve the customer experience and its online presence

BBVA Group has a policy of integrated sponsorships, based on territories with a high following, with values close to our corporate culture and links to people.

Within this general strategy is the Group’s ongoing commitment to become the “Sport Bank”, which has led it to begin sponsoring soccer and basketball, the two sports that best represent the global world. BBVA is also giving its support to initiatives of a cultural and educational nature, as well as other non-profit social development projects through which it expresses the Bank’s commitment to the communities where it operates.

The Sport Bank

Sponsorship reinforces the brand’s appeal by associating BBVA with universal domains of global scope which share values with its corporate culture

BBVA decided to enter into sports sponsorship, particularly in soccer and basketball, because it allows to establish a relationship with millions of people around the world. Liga BBVA, the most supported competition in the world, and NBA, of which BBVA is the “Official Bank”, are clear examples of competitions that represent the global world and that are followed widely in many growing markets where the Group is present. In addition to this, sport is associated with several values, such as fair play, respect for the rules, teamwork, effort, self-improvement, personal integrity and ethical behavior, which coincide and are integrated with BBVA’s corporate culture. Our sports sponsorships comply with three fundamental premises: global recognition, positioning in values and commercial activation.

Other sponsorships

In addition to the major global sponsorships, the Group has also concluded a number of sponsorship agreements in sport at regional and local level around the world, mainly in key markets for the Bank such as Latin America and the United States.

New this year, and for the first time in history, El Celler de Can Roca, named best restaurant in the world in 2013, closed its doors to go on a tour that has taken the Roca brothers to four countries and six different cities in six weeks. The Roca brothers’ “Haute Cuisine with Values” sums up perfectly the shared vision of BBVA and El Celler de Can Roca. It is a cuisine that is based on principles and is concerned with building a better future for people, by training the best talents of the future and supporting local producers.

Education and culture

Soccer and basketball are the sports that best represent the global world

Education and culture are two of the most important areas of community involvement for BBVA. The Group is committed to education, as we believe it is a fundamental pillar in the construction and development of more egalitarian and fairer societies.

Access to education and the quality of education are two of the most relevant issues for our stakeholders. These areas are where the most important initiatives for dialog, commitment and shared work are formed. That is why in tackling the educational question BBVA develops long-term alliances with social institutions with which it can work jointly on a continuous basis.

Brand ambassadors

Education as a fundamental pillar of equality

In 2014, BBVA has continued to support the “BBVA Ambassadors” project, which brings together in different facets of their activity people recognized in different fields who share fundamental BBVA values, such as the spirit of self-improvement, integrity, cooperation, humility and responsibility. The collaboration between BBVA and its brand ambassadors extends beyond the use of their image in advertising campaigns. It also includes their participation in activities related to corporate responsibility.

BBVA began this program with Iker Casillas and Andrés Iniesta. Since then it has added NBA players such as Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) and James Harden (Houston Rockets), and more recently, the tennis player Garbiñe Muguruza, who is in 20th place in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ranking. Another ambassador is the Alpine mountaineer Carlos Soria, who at 75 years of age climbed to the 8,586-meter summit of Kanchenjunga on May 18, 2014.

The collaboration between BBVA and its brand ambassadors extends beyond advertising campaigns