Information of Prudential Relevance 2016


AFSAnnual Financial Statements.
AIAFOfficial Spanish secondary market for fixed-income trading.
ALCOAssets and Liabilities Committee.
ALMAsset-Liability Management: Mechanism for managing structural balance sheet risk for possible imbalances between assets and liabilities and for different types of factors (interest rate, exchange rate, liquidity, etc.).
AMAAdvanced method used by the entity for calculating the capital requirements, consolidated by operational risk.
AT1Additional Tier 1 capital.
Basel IIISet of proposals for reforming banking regulation, published after December 16, 2010 and to be implemented gradually by 2019.
BBVABanco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria.
BINsLoss carry forwards (Spanish acronym).
BISBank for International Settlements
CBRTCentral Bank of Turkey.
CCFCredit conversion factor.
CDOsCollateralized Debt Obligations .
CDSICredit Default Swap Index .
CDVAValue adjustment for the entity's own contingent credit risk.
CET 1Common Equity Tier 1
CIFHCitic International Financial Holdings Limited.
CIICollective Investment Institutions.
CLPChilean peso.
CNCBChina CITIC Bank Corporation.
CNMVSpanish Securities and Exchange Commission (Spanish acronym.)
CORMCorporate Operational Risk Management.
COSOCommittee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
Credit BureauFirm set up as a credit information company to integrate and provide information before a loan is granted. Its main aim is to record the credit history of individuals and companies that have obtained some form of credit, finance, loans or services.
CROGroup Risk Director.
CRR / CRD IVSolvency Standards (EU 575/2013 Regulations).
CRR LRCapital Requirements Regulation Leverage Ratio.
CSACredit Support Annex: Annexes to collateral agreements.
CVACredit Valuation Adjustment: Value adjustment for the counterparty credit risk.
DBRSDominion Bond Rating Service.
DLGDDownturn LGD: Loss given default in a period of stress in the cycle.
EADExposure at default: Risk exposure at default.
EaREarning at Risk.
EBAEuropean Banking Authority
ECEuropean Commission.
ECAI/ ECAExternal credit rating agencies.
ECBEuropean Central Bank.
ELExpected loss.
EOOriginal risk exposure (Spanish acronym.)
ERCMinimum level of protection required against unexpected future losses by the different types of risk.
EUEuropean Union.
EyPSpain & Portugal (Spanish acronym.)
FTDFirst to default: Derivative whereby both parties negotiate protection against the first default by any of the entities that make up the basket.
GERPAGlobal Economics, Regulations & Public Affairs.
GMGlobal Market.
GMRAGlobal Master Repurchase Agreement.
GMRUGlobal Market Risk Unit.
GRMGlobal Risk Management.
GRMCGlobal Risk Management Committee.
GRPDRGuidelines on Revised Pillar 3 Disclosures Requirements.
G-SIBsGlobal systemically important banks.
HKDHong Kong Dollars.
HRHuman Resources.
IAAInternal assessment approach.
IASInternational Accounting Standards.
IC&FRInternal control & Fiduciary Risk.
ICMAInternational Capital Market Association.
IFRSInternational Financial Reporting Standards.
IRBInternal Ratings-Based.
IRCInternal Risk Charge.
IReNeNet Customer Recommendation Index.
ISDAInternational Swaps and Derivatives Association
I-SIIsOther systemically important institutions.
ITInformation Technology.
ITSImplementing Technical Standard.
LCRLiquidity coverage ratio.
LDALoss Distribution Approach.
LDPLow Default Portfolios: Low default portfolios.
LGDLoss Given Default: Loss in the event of default: the ratio between the loss in an exposure due to default by the counterparty and the outstanding amount at the time of default.
LRLeverage Ratio.
LRLGDLong Run Default.
LSCDLoan to Stable Customer Deposits: Loan-to-stable customer deposit ratio.
LTDLoan to Deposits: Percentage of loans financed with deposits.
LtSCDLoan to Stable Customer Deposits.
LT VLoan to Value: The ratio between the amount lent and the value of the collateral.
MAFTMaster Agreement for Financial Transactions.
MDBMultilateral Development Bank
MRELMinimum requirement for own fund and eligible liabilities.
OECDOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
OJEUOfficial Journal of the European Union.
OROperational Risk.
ORMOperational Risk Management.
ORXOperational Risk Exchange.
P&LProfit and Loss.
PA sPublic Authorities.
PDProbability of Default .
PD-TTCPD Through the Cycle: Probability of default over the course of the cycle.
PENPeruvian sol.
RC / BRCBoard Risk Committee.
RDLRoyal Decree-Law.
RPDRRevised Pillar 3 Disclosure Requirements
RWRisk Weight: Level of risk applied to exposures (%).
RWAsRisk-Weighted Assets.
S&PStandard & Poors
SFMCSecuritization Fund Management Company.
SFTsSecurities financing transactions.
SIROInternal operational risk database.
SIVsStructured Investment Vehicle
SPESpecial purpose entities.
SREPSupervisory Review and Evaluation Process.
STShort Term.
TIER ITier 1 Capital
TIER IITier 2 Capital
TLACTotal loss absorbing capacity.
TLTROTargeted Longer-Term Refinancing Operations.
UGLsLiquidity Management Units (Spanish acronym)
USDUS dollar.
VaRValue at Risk.