Shareholder Report
january - june 2013

BBVA earns €2,882m thanks to its diversified business model and the contribution from emerging markets

The BBVA share

Global economic growth has remained unchanged. Worth noting was a certain slowdown in emerging economies and a modest growth in some of the most advanced economies.

Global financial markets have been extremely volatile during the period. The general European Stoxx 50 index registered a 3.5% quarterly decline at the close of June. The Ibex 35 and Euro Stoxx Banks indices posted slightly lower declines (2.0% and 1.0%, respectively).

The BBVA share closed the second quarter of 2013 with a 4.7% decline at a price per share of €6.45, equivalent to a market capitalization of €36,893m. At the close of the quarter, the dividend yield stood at 6.5%.

Share performance ratios

P/E (Price/earnings ratio; times) 9.5
Dividend yield
(Dividend/price; %)

The BBVA share

Number of shareholders: 1,019,346
Market capitalization
(million euros):

Group Earnings

BBVA posted a net attributable profit of €2,882m from January to June 2013 (up 90.8%), driven by recurring revenue and the sale of non-strategic assets.

Earnings showed the resilience of revenue, which since the start of the crisis has amount to around €5,000m each quarter in any scenario, thanks to BBVA's diversified model and the contribution from emerging markets. Gross income for the first half of the year stands at €10,964m.

Gross income
BIS II ratio 13.5%
Sound capital position
Active liquidity management
NPA ratio 5.5%
Coverage ratio 68%