The Shareholder Office is available to all BBVA shareholders in order to keep them up to date on all important information regarding the share and the Group, as well as offering special produts and the opportunity to make suggestions.

Digital Shareholder Report 1Q17

Shareholders Report 1Q17

1Q17 Results Presentation

  Results: BBVA earns €1.2 billion in first quarter (+69%)

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Dividend Option April 2017

BBVA comunicates its next Dividend OptionDividend option

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2017 Annual General Meeting

The BBVA Board of Directors has held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

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BBVA in 2016 Report

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Digital Shareholder Report 4Q16

Digital Shareholders Report

Dividend Policy

BBVA’s shareholder remuneration policy establishes the distribution of an annual pay-out of between 35% and 40% of the profits obtained in each financial year and the progressive reduction of the remuneration via “Dividend Options”, so that the shareholders’ remuneration would ultimately be fully in cash.

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