Business areas

The financial information of BBVA is disclosed in eight reporting units following a geographical criteria

This scheme makes risk perception easier and offer better estimations of future growth perspectives.

  • Banking activity in Spain includes the Retail Network, Corporate and Business Banking (CBB), Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB), BBVA Seguros and Asset Management. It also includes the portfolios, funding and structural interest-rate positions of the euro balance sheet.
  • Real-estate activity in Spain basically covers lending to rea l-estate developers and foreclosed real-estate assets in the country.
  • The United States encompasses the business conducted by the Bank in that country through BBVA Compass, the office in New York and Simple.
  • Turkey includes BBVA’s 49.85% stake in the Turkish bank Garanti.
  • Mexico includes the banking and insurance businesses in the country.
  • South America includes the banking and insurance businesses that BBVA carries out in the region.
  • The rest of Eurasia includes the business carried out in the rest of Europe and Asia, i.e. the Group’s retail and wholesale businesses in the area.  
  • Corporate Center aggregate that contains the rest of the items that have not been allocated to the business areas, as it basically corresponds to the Group’s holding function. It includes: the costs of the head offices that have a corporate function; management of structural exchange-rate positions; specific issues of capital instruments to ensure adequate management of the Group’s global solvency; portfolios and their corresponding results, whose management is not linked to customer relations, such as industrial holdings; certain tax assets and liabilities; funds due to commitments with pensioners; goodwill and other intangibles. It also comprises the result from certain corporate operations carried out by the Group that are commented at various points in this report.

In addition to this geographical breakdown, supplementary information is provided for all the wholesale businesses carried out by BBVA, Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB). This aggregate business is considered relevant to better understand the Group because of the characteristics of the customers served, the type of products offered and the risks assumed.

Page updated 27 February 2017